Friday, 25 August 2017

A Tribute to our Founder ( By Dr. Sulbha Natraj)

Lessons from the epic life of Dr. H M Patel
The Founder of H M Patel Institute of English Training & Research was a man of action. Paying tribute to him demands action not mere words. Here are some ideas to follow H M Saheb’s dreams.
1.     Punctuality and discipline at work and in life: Dr. HM Patel was never late for any programme even as the Finance Minister he came in/on time and insisted that programmes should begin on time. We need to learn from his life higher values such as perseverance, commitment, honesty and integrity.
2.     Develop excellent communication with economy yet exactness in the use of words.
3.     Become effective teachers and trainers so as to pay the debt to the institution that is grooming us and making us employable. In this manner we can extend ourselves to help the society. All the young teachers in this hall who have a long professional career can influence generations of students. Let’s vouch to make Gujarat really proficient in English. You must be aware that the English language is a major strength of India against China.
4.     An Impact Study of the institute may be taken up. It could be by a team working on different aspects of accomplishments by the institute during the last 6 decades or so.
5.     A study Circle was an idea dear to the Founder. It can help create useful interactive climate conducive to nourish thoughts.

All of these are doable ideas. All that is needed is a commitment to put them into action. In a letter to a student HM Saheb has said, “ …I venture to hope that you will never forget that one’s real satisfaction is derived only from a life from which the element of service is never absent….”.


  1. Thank you ma'am.
    It is an inspiration for us.

  2. Thank you ma'am,
    It's my immense pleasure to listen you and thank for the encouragement ma'am.